2015-08-29 Foresters Arms / AmaZulu Lodge, St. Lucia

South Africa - road trip - Swaziland

It’s Saturday and we woke up early at 6.30 am in the Foresters Arms in Swaziland, to have a comfortable drive to our next destination which was again in South Africa. Before breakfast we brought our luggage to the car. A friendly waitress, who was nearby, helped me to carry it upstairs. As we have arrived the car we were surprised – our car was spotless. This service we did not expect. So we were lucky to see the man who was responsible for and we were able to gave him a tip.

South Africa - Swaziland - Foresters Arms

We had breakfast at around 7 am with a rich and delicious buffet, among others with different jams and honeys, cakes, muffins and bread as well as classic hot breakfast.

We followed the recommended route from the hotel lady to Manzini and then to the south were we crossed the border at Lavumisa. The people there were not so friendly; especially our border control lady threw our passes. Then we had to wait more than an hour to get to South Africa because there was a huge group of students. But we met great funny people from Durban.

The next stop was a little border control, where we had to open the trunk and put out our stuff. Then she said we should declare the laptop and cameras? We didn’t need that at the airport. Steve had a little argument with her. After that she explained that no one would say if they don’t search/look for. We should write down the series number and say that we have this stuff with us from our home country. So we passed the border without declaring, because she believed us that we didn’t buy the tech stuff in Swaziland.

South Africa - road trip - Swaziland

In the middle of the trip, not far away from St Lucia, we had 31°C – in the winter. That feels a bit unreal if you come from the north. :)

South Africa - St. Lucia

We arrived at 3.15 pm and our first impression from St Lucia was that it is a small tourist town as we heard about. There is a main road with lots of restaurants, souvenir shops and supermarkets. The AmaZulu Lodge, our accommodation for the next two nights, lies directly at this main road.

South Africa - St. Lucia

Our first impression was good, it seems to be a small hotel with a courtyard and pool. In that hotel you only get breakfast. The room was very nice and the bathroom has semicircle open walls, which loosens the room. But it was a bit poorly soundproofed and smells wet inside which was not so nice. 

In the evening we went to the Ocean Basket restaurant which was very delicious. I ate grilled tuna with rice and stir fried vegetables and Steve ate classic fish and chips. Of course we had a desert – chocolate lava with vanilla ice and sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream – I felt in love with the last one!! The worst thing we saw until now was a white shirtless man in a supermarket with a swastika at his chest which made us sad and angry. :(

South Africa - St. Lucia

The vlog from our day 8 in South Africa:

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