2015/08/25 Gecko Lodge – Mpumalanga / Hazyview

Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation

At our South Africa journey we spent 2 nights at Gecko Lodge. The lodge is round about 3km far away from Hazyview. You have to drive the Sabie Road and a big sign shows you the way to the entrance. If you left the main road please be carefull, also if you have a off-road car, because it is a gravel road with a lot of bumps and potholes on the way to the lodge.

The Lodge

Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation

The lodge isn’t quite big, but that is ok. The area is pretty nice with trees, a little creek, a little pool and some blue monkeys. Outside I also saw 2 braai (grills/barbecue). During the days we stayed, they weren’t used.

Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation

The reception is beside the lounge. In the lounge is a couch where one can have a seat and relax. Next to the lounge is the dining area where the breakfast and the dinner will be served. There is space for round about 30-35 guests I guess.

The room

Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation

At the Gecko Lodge area are 29 rooms, I assume that from the sign which gives direction to the rooms. Our room was good. We had a double bed, two chairs and a table. The tab water isn’t trinkable, but you have a free can of water and two glasses on the table. If this is empty, you could always ask for a new one.

The room is big enough in my opinion. The shower offers also adequate space. We stayed in the end of August in the Gecko Lodge. So at day room wasn’t to warm. At night it was a bit cold but there were 2 extra blankets in the wardrobe. And with a hot shower, everything will be fine.

In the video down below, from minute 5:20 on you can watch the arrival at the lodge and have a look in the room:

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Mehr Informationen

At our room was just 1 plug socket and this was near the bed. I had a multiple plug with me and an adapater for the South African plugs, so it was very helpful in this case. But there is no possibility to dry the hair in front of the mirror. That was a bit pity.

The food

Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation

We stayed 2 days, so we had two times dinner and breakfast, which was included in our booking. At dinner you get a starter, a main menu and a dessert. For starter we had a vegatable soup at day 1 and a peas soup at day 2. For main menu you can choose between two menus. At day 1 we took fish (Hake), at day 2 Nadine took beefsteak and I have choosen chicken. The dessert at day 1 was ice with a piece of chocolate and at day 2 a little cake.

Every of this meals were very delicious.

Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation . Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation

For breakfast you have white bread and some darker bread. There were also some kinds of cereals, a big bowl of yogurt, some kind of marmelades, peanut butter, fruit salad and some other things. You also will be ask for some fried or scrambled eggs and toasted bread.

The breakfast we could recommend, too.

Internet connection

We had 2 vodacom prepaid SIMs with data plans. The connection at the lodge switched a lot between E (Edge) and H (HSDPA) with a low level. It could have been a little bit better, because I want to work a couple of minutes. That is why I chose the 5GB plan.

The Gecko Lodge itself offers WiFi at the lounge for free. The connection is ok to check mails or Twitter and such stuff. I think more isn’t necessary.


Gecko Lodge - South Africa vacation

The Gecko Lodge presents a very lovely arangement in the outside of the lodge. The rooms are ok, the food is very delicious and the staff is always helpful and simpatico. The city, Hazyview, isn’t far away and you have the possibility to buy some things in the big shopping center (pick n pay, KFC, Nandoos,…) near the T junction from the Sabie Road. There are also ATMs and bank offices.

More informations:

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