Yesterday I found a new YouTube channel and I was a little bit surprised about the name of the woman who runs this channel. So I asked her, where the name comes from. I never heard it before as a name and I’m interested in such things.

refugess welcome - Newtown grafitti via flickr (CC-BY-2.0)

One of her viewers (I guess) pointed me to of one of her videos, where she is explaining her backround. I expected a little info video, but what I got was more than this. If I’m honest, it makes me sad if I watched it and I also started to cry. Not just about the personal story, more about the general history of the human race itself.

If I see what is happening in Syria and other regions on our planet it makes me sad as well. And I can’t understand, why people didn’t learn from their history. The story in this video happend 100 years ago. One should expect, that the human race has learned from their faults, their history and their life experiences. But they haven`t.

And then, some people in our peaceful, warm and rich part of this planet – Europe – demonstrate against refugees, against humanity, against a simple act of integrity and ethics: to help other people if they need help.

Politicans discuss, talk and talk and talk…but they always find difficult to act. And if they act, they are “fighting” more against the consequences instead of the causes: war, hunger, harassment, prosecution.

Have they forgot, that all of us have the same or similiar backround? Not exactly like the story in this video, but all of us have refugees in our families. Maybe not your mothers or fathers. Maybe not your grandmas or grandpas. But if you go back in your family tree, there will be a part of your family which has moved from their home to find a place, where they could get a better life for themselves and even more for their children. And a lot of us don’t need to go long back in our family history to find such a situation.

Nobody flees just for fun. They want a better life for their families like you want it for your family as well. So your history, all our histories, can just have only one conclusion: #refugeeswelcome

Be one of the people, who learnt from the mistakes of the history.

picture: Newtown grafitti via flickr (CC-BY-2.0)

Thank you Samantha, for having a look over the text and language before publishing! <3

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