InstaLove #1

(*)I really like Instagram. So many interesting people who create really stunning or funny stuff. Some of them I detected from their YouTube videos or a recommendation in a tweet, video or on Instagram as well. Some others I found because they liked my pics and I looked at their Instagram profiles and saw what kind of pictures they create.


From now I will start a new category in this blog I’ve called InstaLove where I will post a selection of pics on Instagram I liked. Today I start with a first pick I gave a little heart in the last 2-3 months.


vorhin so beim Abendspaziergang #nofilter

Ein von @ohitsplastic gepostetes Foto am


happy one month <3

Ein von @fraeulein_tessa gepostetes Foto am


Erster Lichtblick des Tages #SturmFelix #Frankfurt

Ein von @barbaragehl gepostetes Foto am


Und ihr so?

Ein von Steffi (@katzundtinte) gepostetes Foto am


#Vienna Night

Ein von Patrice Bouedibela (@patricebouedibela) gepostetes Foto am


Ich wünschte, ich wäre jetzt hier … #chiemsee

Ein von Maren Martschenko (@zehnbar) gepostetes Foto am


Abtauchen in eine Welt, in der man keine Filter braucht #Usedom #istdasschönhier #nofilter

Ein von Stefanie Aßmann (@miss_assmann) gepostetes Foto am


Greatest thing about the cold weather… Most amazing sunsets #nofilter #nyc

Ein von Markus Sekulla (@markussekulla) gepostetes Foto am


If you like one or more of these pictures, so give them also a little heart. And if you like more of the stuff of the creators, so feel free to follow them. :)

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*This text is posted in English. I’m not a native speaker and I know I have to improve my English as well. If you want to learn a language the best way is to use them as much as you can in your daily life. To publish tweets or blogposts in English it is a extra motivation for me. I’m sure I will do mistakes. Please give me a notice if you spot some of them. :) Mainly I create the most of them in grammar.  :blush:

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