There are good and bad things in life and the bad ones we try to displace from our sight. We do not want to see the things they make us unhappy and give us sad emotions. Once in a while we have to pay attention on some of them.

Dear future generations: sorry

The US American artist Prince Ea published a video which is an apology letter to the future generations. He describes the situations on the environment they will be happen if we don’t change something. He does it in spoken words style and in the video it is accompanied with some animations or facts about the things he talks about.


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I like this kind of little inspiring things he does. It stimulates me to think about these things, situations and possibilities. Today was Earth Day and in this context (but neverless not just in this one) it is good to start to think a bit more about the environment and our way to interact with it.

At the end of the video he gives an advice for a campaign which is called Stand for Trees. It helps to save trees and the nature all around the world.

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This text is posted in English. I’m not a native speaker and I know I have to improve my English as well. If you want to learn a language the best way is to use them as much as you can in your daily life. To publish tweets or blogposts in English it is a extra motivation for me. I’m sure I will do mistakes. Please give me a notice if you spot some of them. :) Mainly I create the most of them in grammar. :blush:

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